Gazi Medical College Khulna

Located in the bustling city of Khulna, Gazi Medical College has emerged as one of the top medical colleges in Bangladesh since its establishment in 2011. Built on a strong foundation of excellence in medical education, this renowned institution offers a high-quality MBBS course that is both nationally and internationally recognized.

Welcoming students from around the globe, Gazi Medical College's admission requirements are designed to ensure that only the most talented and driven individuals gain entrance to the college. With its affordable fees, Gazi Medical College provides that prospective doctors do not have to compromise on quality education due to financial constraints.

Backed by an impressive ranking within the country's medical colleges, Gazi Medical College boasts an experienced and committed faculty that fosters a supportive learning environment. Students can expect to benefit from state-of-the-art Medical College facilities, including advanced laboratories, a modern library, and cutting-edge medical equipment.

On-campus hostel facilities provide a comfortable living experience, ensuring students can focus on their studies and forge lifelong friendships with their peers. Additionally, Gazi Medical College is affiliated with several prestigious affiliated hospitals in the region, providing students with unparalleled clinical exposure and hands-on experience.

Reviews from current students and alums consistently praise the college for its well-rounded curriculum, high standard of practice, and nurturing atmosphere. For enrolment and further inquiries, potential students can reach out to Overseas Medical Study to get in touch with the college's contact information.

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